360Proxy – Everything You Need To Know About Trusted Proxy Service Provider

‘360Proxy’ is a word that is quite common in conversations about internet privacy and security. More precisely, it is a method or set of applications that provide user privacy and are used as a proxy or intermediary for the user to communicate online with a secure platform. Lets know which proxy provider should we choose in 2024 for reliable service:

How Does 360Proxy Work?

A proxy server behaves like an intermediary between the world of internet connectivity and its communicators. When using a proxy service similar to 360Proxy, your internet connection, instead of connecting directly to the website, the proxy server itself is used, so you can be protected from any kind of threat.

This procedure goes through the proxy server and passes your requests to the website, after that it delivers back the website’s response to you.

The major point is that the website views the IP address of the proxy server, but the User’s IP address is still safe. This gives you an extra layer of security and tricks the site into thinking you are in a different location and with a different IP address.

Benefits of Using 360 Proxy

  • Privacy: With the use of proxies, only your real IP address is hidden. Therefore, proxies’ privacy is enhanced since it becomes more complicated for websites to watch their internet activities.
  • Security: Proxies can act as a shield and block out anything that might harm your device by filtering out malicious websites and then encrypting your data, especially over unsecured IP networks.
  • Access Restricted Content: If particular web pages are forbidden in your country or state, the option to utilize a proxy can help: the computer’s IP address should look as if it was connected from a different place.

Types of Proxies

There are several types of proxy servers, each serving different purposes:

  • Transparent Proxies: They may serve as surveillance mediums for content filtering or monitoring largely in business and academic areas.
  • Anonymous Proxies: That means the anonymizer could learn that you are using a proxy, but it will not be able to recognize the IP address. This is also used when browsing in general, and anonymity is desired.
  • Distorting Proxies: They, thus, provide IP addresses to the websites, contrasting with the varied level of anonymity with anonymous proxy.
  • High Authority Proxies: They offer the best terms of privacy when they conceal your IP address, even hide the fact that you are using a proxy.
  • Residential Proxy Plan (New): Starting from $1.15 GB. It can fulfill your industry needs.
  • Entrepreneur Plan (New): Starting from $0.7 GB It can help to collect data from complex targets with 360 residential proxies with ease.
  • Static Residential Proxy: Starting from $3 GB. It can provide a secure and private network for your business and personal use.

Considerations When Using 360Proxy

While using a proxy server like 360Proxy offers many benefits, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Speed: The purpose of proxy servers can sometimes increase your browsing speed because your cached information takes a roundabout way to reach you.
  • Legality and Ethical Use: When performing proxy services, make sure that you are doing it ethically and according to the local rules and regulations.

Why Choose 360 Proxy Service Provider?

They offer secure and cheap proxy plans. 360 proxy service providers always keep their user security on first priority. So, we always recommend you to buy a proxy from them.

Advantages of the Residential Agency Package

The Residential Agency Package offered by 360Proxy provides several advantages that cater to both personal and professional needs:

  • Enhanced Security: This package is so cleverly designed that it uses residential IP addresses, which are difficult to identify and block by websites especially when they are not commercial. It guarantees a greater degree of security and reliability for very sensitive activities, like data scraping and personal browsing.
  • High Anonymity: The residential IPs of this package enable users to surf the internet via anonymity. This way, website owners cannot track user activities and this feature is especially helpful for getting to content that is only available in a certain geographic area.
  • Tailored Solutions: The Residential Agency Package is made to cater to the particular needs of businesses and persons that need constant internet connection without the risk of revealing their real IP address. It is perfect for fields such as market research, where big data collection, which comes from different locations, is needed.

Specific Usage Methods of the Residential Agency Package

To effectively utilize the Residential Agency Package from 360Proxy, follow these particular usage methods:

  • Setup and Configuration: Start with the residential proxies on your device or network setup. It usually entails setting up the proxy details in your browser or whatever the application’s network settings you have.
  • Choosing the Right IP: Choose the residential IP from the package that matches your requirements. For instance, if you have to get content that is available only in a certain country, then choose an IP from that nation.
  • Managing Bandwidth: You should be cautious of your bandwidth usage, as residential IPs usually have a fixed bandwidth limit. Pick a package that will be good for your data needs to prevent extra charges.
  • Regular Updates: The proxies should, from time to time, be checked for updates or enhancements to avoid any issues that may arise. Companies such as 360Proxy may provide you with services that are better than the previous ones or additional security features that can make your browsing experience a lot better.
  • Ethical Usage: In the residential proxies application, the usage of the residential proxies should be followed by the local laws and for moral purposes. The misuse of proxies can cause one to be brought to court and to be blocked from their IP addresses.

The Residential Agency Package can be used in two ways. First, it is a way to ensure that you are doing a task in a secure, anonymous and efficient way.

Second, it is a way to enable you to incorporate the advantages and usage methods of the Residential Agency Package into your operations.

Thus, you can maximize the benefits of the Residential Agency Package for secure, anonymous and efficient online activities.




360Proxy plays a crucial role in this world, and its equivalents make it convenient for Web surfers to access websites that restrict them from certain geographical locations and to ensure the security of one’s personal and financial information. Other data is protected from evil people from peeping.

They facilitate browsing the Internet without led tracks. They also ensure that the user database is protected and that there is no regional restriction on the Internet.

On the other hand, resorting to reliable VPN services and considering the guidelines on the best ways to use them is necessary to ensure that your internet activities are protected and your online experience is exceptional.

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