Caring for Your Braces: A Teen’s Guide to Oral Health

Getting dental braces is a milestone that most people are skeptical about. When you are a teen with crooked and misshaped teeth and bite issues, dental braces become a necessity not just for physical improvements but for improved confidence as well.

When getting orthodontics for teens, it is mandatory to have a comprehensive idea about the ways to take care of one’s braces; there are several factors at play.

To further simplify the care and maintenance, we have sorted all the relevant information that you need to know about care for braces.

Sorting out the brushing basics

When you are caring for your braces, the first thing that you have to prioritize is brushing. What is the right way of brushing your teeth with braces? Instead of brushing twice a day, teens with braces need to brush after each meal.

You need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush that will clean the food debris and also freshen up one’s breath. Using fluoride-based toothpaste is also a requirement. Also, when you are brushing, pay equal attention to the front and the back of the teeth.

How to floss?

Having metal braces on top of your teeth might make you question the steps to floss. How do you do it? Using traditional floss can be a challenge when you have braces. So, invest in water-based floss or you can also use orthodontic floss.

These are specifically designed to not only clean between the teeth but also prevent risks of food debris build-up, thereby reducing the risks of gum diseases and plaque formation.

The use of mouthwash

If you want to build a good oral care routine with braces, it makes sense that you’d want to include mouthwash in the mix as well. An antimicrobial or fluoride-based mouthwash is considered ideal because it helps freshen up one’s breath, remove bacteria, and strengthen tooth enamel.

Also, when you are picking up a mouthwash, you want to pick one that’s recommended by your orthodontist. Doing so ensures that you aren’t investing in a mouthwash that’s unfit for your braces.

Focusing on the diet

Taking care of your braces as a teen also means that you have to focus on what you eat. Eating sticky and hard foods will not only get in between the braces but also have risks of misaligning the braces that you have on your teeth.

Instead, you have to stick to a diet that is considered “braces friendly” and won’t end up damaging the braces. Items like fruits, yogurt, pasta, etc. are considered great.

If you are confused about how to make the most out of your braces as a teen, these are some of the oral care tips that should help. In case you feel like something is wrong with the braces or you are experiencing issues, it’s ideal to consult your orthodontist.

Embarking on the journey of getting braces as a teen, proper care is essential for physical and confidence improvements. Brushing after meals with a soft-bristled toothbrush, using specialized floss, incorporating recommended mouthwash, and adopting a braces-friendly diet ensure optimal oral hygiene. Regular orthodontic check-ups are advised.

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