Top Fivetran Alternatives: Best ETL Tool

Fivetran is an ELT platform that copies data into Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake, your target warehouses, from a variety of SaaS apps and databases. There are other data pipelines that are equally valuable as Fivetran, though. You may choose from a number of available Fivetran substitutes if you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and effective data integration solution.

Although Fivetran offers a large number of connections, it is not an easy option for businesses looking for easy-to-use ETL platforms that can handle a variety of data replication scenarios because to its limited product flexibility, complicated price structure, and dependency on DBT for transformations. A vital part of the organization’s data strategy and the Modern Data Stack is the ETL Platform.

What is meant by Fivetran?

With the aid of the cloud-based ETL tool Fivetran, you can quickly extract new, rich data by centralising and transforming existing data. It also regularly updates to reflect changes in the API. This enables you to instantly analyse data by applying changes for tables, columns, and rows automatically.

The completely controlled connections from Fivetran can transfer massive amounts of data with minimal effect and real-time delivery. The user-friendly interface of Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and other data warehouses allows for seamless integration and loading of data with a smooth learning curve.

Top Fivetran Alternatives for 2023

Several Fivetran Alternatives that you may employ to meet your data objectives are covered in this post. Hevo Data provides smooth data transformation and replication with its fully-managed data pipeline platform. Hevo allows you to duplicate data from more than 15 destinations (SaaS apps, databases, data warehouses, and more) and a growing library of more than 150 plug-and-play connectors.

  •       Sprinkle Data

Sprinkle Data is a no-code ETL tool that provides an easy-to-use interface for data integration and transformation. It is a great option for companies looking for a simple solution. Sprinkle Data’s wide selection of connections, clear pricing options, and conversion customization ensure a stable and straightforward data transfer method between several sources and destinations.

Sprinkle Data key features

Possessing the following abilities:

  •       Ingestion of data in real-time ELT from several sources
  •       combining data
  •       Analytics inside a cluster
  •       Segmenting data
  •       Dashboards and reports for visualizing data

The capabilities offered by Sprinkle Data address a range of needs related to data integration, including effective data loading.

  •       Hevo Data: An All-inclusive No-Code Fix

Hevo Data distinguishes itself as a comprehensive no-code data integration platform with over 150 data interfaces and real-time data transfer functionalities. For small firms looking for an inexpensive, low-code ETL or ELT tool that utilizes widely used data sources, this is the perfect option.

Data teams may concentrate on insights instead of tackling difficult data engineering processes thanks to Hevo Data’s user-friendly platform.

Features of Hevo Data

Among the features offered by Hevo Data are real-time data intake from several sources, personalized Python transformations, and round-the-clock live customer assistance.

This guarantees the seamless and effective operation of your data integration process, which includes data mapping, and offers the assistance required to address any issues that could develop in your data pipeline.

  • Drag-and-Drop Data Integration is a cloud-based data integration platform that offers the following features:

Drag and drop capability to make managing and integrating data easier

Effective method for extracting, transforming, and loading data (ETL)

Interface that is easy to use for companies looking to simplify the data integration procedure

For companies who value simplicity of use and data flow visualization, Integrate is a strong substitute for Fivetran because to its extensive array of data interfaces and support for popular data warehouses. Features

More than 100 data source connections, interaction with well-known data warehouses, and an easily navigable interface for creating ETL data flows are just a few of Integrates capabilities.

The platform is a complete and user-friendly data integration solution since it provides task scheduling, monitoring, and data output sample.

  •       Datameer: Strong Data Organization Tool

Datameer is a SaaS-based data transformation platform that specialises in data integration and munging thanks to its potent data wrangling tool.  Datameer is a useful tool for data warehouse management since it was created especially for data engineering teams who mostly rely on Hadoop Clusters. It offers an alternate method of exploiting data without requiring the writing of intricate Map-Reduce code.

Datameer might be a great Fivetran substitute if your company needs strong data transformation capabilities and connection with Hadoop.

Features of Datameer

Among Datameer’s characteristics are:

  •       combining data from several sources
  •       combining data
  •       Information administration
  •       Lineage validation, profiling, and real-time data preview
  •       Tools for cooperation
  •       Permissions and restrictions on access
  •       On-the-spot evaluation and inquiry
  •       Trail of audits
  •       Capabilities for data transformation

Rivery: Post-Load Transformations Using ELT

SQL-based warehousing transformations and post-load transformations are the areas of expertise for Rivery, an Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) data integration platform. For customers who wish to develop conditional activities to move data to warehouses and have access to a variety of integrations and business intelligence insights, this alternative to Fivetran is ideal.

With over 200 preconfigured connections, Rivery offers a complete and effective solution to optimize your data integration workflow.

Rivery Attributes

With more than 200 data source connections available, Rivery enables smooth data extraction from a variety of data sources. Additionally, the platform supports over 15 data destinations, so moving your data to the correct area will be simple and painless.

Furthermore, you can concentrate on your primary business duties with Rivery’s fully managed ELT solution, since the platform will handle all of your data integration requirements.


Even if Fivetran is still a popular option for many companies, looking at its alternatives will help you maximize the potential of your data integration initiatives by presenting fresh options. We hope that the information in this blog post will help you decide which Fivetran substitute best suits the objectives and requirements of your company. So go ahead and embark on a new data integration journey using the best tool available to expand your business!

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